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Ski Tickets

Day & multi-day tickets

Winter start

 29.11.2019 – 20.12.2019

Peak season

21.12.2019 – 20.03.2020

advantage season

21.03. – 13.04.2020

Power of ten

Skiing adventure for only 10,- EURO

Season & year-round tickets

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Super Ski Card

1 card, 201 skier days per year, 23 ski regions

Cash desk opening times: bottom station Fieberbrunn

  • 28th October until 15th November 2019: Monday to Friday from 08.00 am to noon (except 1st November 2019) 
  • as of 18th November until season start: Monday to Friday from 08.00 am to 05.00 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 08.00 am to noon
  • as of winter season start: daily from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm

Age groups:

  • No card required: 2014 - now
  • Children: 2004 - 2013 
  • Youth: 2001 - 2003
  • All ages require an official photo ID.

Skipass System:

KeyCard Deposit € 2.00
This electronic data device features a rechargeable micro-chip and can therefore be used repeatedly. Return your undamaged KeyCard at all lift offices, most sports shops and hotels. The ski tickets are also available online at and Ski passes are checked electronically at all lifts. Please carry your ski pass on your left side and show to lift staff on request. Please also note that for purposes of lift access control a reference photograph of the lift pass holder will be taken when he/she passes through a gate equipped with a camera for the first time. The lift staff will compare the reference picture with photos taken every time the ticket holder passes a gate. The reference photograph will be deleted from the system immediately upon expiry of the validity of the lift pass; all other photographs will be deleted from the system no later than 30 minutes after passing through the respective gate. We would like to point out that it is also possible to purchase lift tickets that are configured without photograph taking. Yet, holders of those tickets must take into account spot checks by the lift staff. Please note that credit cards as well as mobile phones and other electronic devices may interfere with KeyCard Einsatz € 2,00


Season time overlap:

When the seasons overlap, our cash register automatically calculates a mixed price.

Misuse and Ticket Exchange:

Ski passes and personalised vouchers are non-transferable (except Family Card), cannot be exchanged for a different ski pass after purchase and the validity dates cannot be adjusted. Misuse will be subject to an immediate ticket withdrawal and a penalty of € 70.00 in addition to the respective day ticket price.



A refund of multi-day ski tickets (from 2-day tickets) is provided in case of ski accidents. The refund is issued on the day of the presentation of a local doctor’s certificate. Ski tickets will not be refunded in case of bad weather, avalanche danger, illness, early departure, closure of individual ski lift facilities and slopes. Lost or stolen tickets are not refunded or replaced. The ski pass holder must make sure that no other person has access to his pass. Special rules apply for season tickets.


Information according to § 24 DSG 2000 about "Photocompare":
We would like to point out that for the purpose of access control a reference photo will be made of each lift pass owner when passing the turnstile (equipped with a camera) for the first time. The lift staff will compare this reference photo with those photos which will be made after every other passing of the turnstile.
The reference photo will be deleted once the lift pass loses its validity, every other photo will be removed not later than 30 minutes after passing the turnstile.
We would like to point out that it is possible to buy lift passes which are configured in such a way as to prevent the photo being made. However, in this case, spot checks by the lift staff are to be expected.