Ski tour Wildseeloder

The starting point for the Wildseeloder tour is the Wildalm (1550m). Take the cable car of the Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn up to Lärchfilzkogel. From here there is a brief descent to Wildalmen. Ascend on the north side of the Henne through an impressive gully to Wildseeloderhaus. Continue to Seenieder and via the eastern ridge, or the eastern flank, to the summit. Time: approx. 1 hour

The descent continues via the eastern flank to See (Wildseeloderhaus) and to the north to the Wildalmen, continuing to the Grießenbodenalm, or from the summit through the eastern flank to Seenieder and in a south-westerly direction (across a large snow cornice) to Jufenhöhe, 1890m. Experience the lovely west-facing slope en route to the Untere Grubalm and through the Pletzergraben back to Fieberbrunn (also the opportunity to climb).

There are a few freeride routes which go through the northern flank of Wildseeloder (in sections these are VERY DIFFICULT).