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the SteinbergKing`s Mystery

The interactive adventure for families in the Kitzbüheler Alps

In the summer, you can expect something very special and unique in the PillerseeTal and throughout the entire Kitzbühel Alps: the new interactive family adventure "The Secret of the King of Steinberg"! The journey will lead you right across the PillerseeTal, in order to find the necessary command words, which will help you to defeat the King of Steinberg. But beware: The ruler of the underground kingdom is not a man to be trifled with, and he will not make the riddles easy for you. But by joining forces, you can defeat the King of Steinberg and solve the tricky challenges. And three of the eight stations are also open in winter, offering exciting puzzles for your winter holiday. Fun for the whole family!


  • 8 stations
  • puzzles in an Escape Room style
  • for the whole family


Riddle Stations

  • Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn - at the mid-station Streuböden
  • Kneippanlage Seisenbachquelle | Waidring
  • Lauchsee | Fieberbrunn
  • Buchensteinwand - Bergbahn Pillersee
  • Kiosk at lake Pillersee | St. Ulrich am Pillersee
  • Hoametzlhütte | Hochfilzen
  • Adventure Park "Familienland" | St. Jakob in Haus
  • Triassic Park at the Steinplatte | Waidring

At each of the eight stations, the difficult puzzles must be solved in an Escape Room style. For each puzzle solved, you will receive a command word - the more command words you collect, the better, as there is a special reward at the end for all hard working adventurers. Whatever the word is, however, keep it secret until the end! TIP: When you purchase the PillerseeTal Card admission to all of the stations is free!


How does it works?

Find the puzzle stations

The puzzle stations are hidden throughout the PillerseeTal. But be careful: some are easier to find than others!


Solve the riddle and enter word of power

You can only solve the puzzles with logic, skill and above all teamwork - good luck! With the help of the language wheel, which you will find at each station, you can translate the elf letters.


Collect a reward

If you have successfully solved the riddles, you can pick up a reward at the tourist information offices or at the mountain railways at the weekend!



The revised, interactive adventure game takes the whole family to the most diverse attractions in the PillerseeTal. The goal: to decipher as many power words as possible to banish the Steinberg King. Interactive online puzzle rally | Families can use their own smartphone or tablet to solve another digital puzzle at each station by simply scanning a QR code. Challenging slide puzzles and exciting augmented reality modules perfectly round off the puzzle fun around the Steinberg King. Get ready to defy the Stone Mountain King once again and save the valley's inhabitants from the lurking danger.


Online game

Once you have guessed four power words or symbols, you can start the online battle against the Stone Mountain King.
With every correct entry, you weaken the Stone Mountain King bit by bit and have more chances of defeating the Stone Mountain King in the big final battle!

So, grab your family and friends and let's go - good luck!