Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn show attitude!

Dear guest!

The world is showing us how vulnerable and endagered it is in many ways. In addition to the virus, discrimination and racism unfortunately are still acute issues in our society. However, because there are many people who are comitted to a better world, there is always hope. And we also want to show our colors. Not one, but many.


We are committed to tolerance, cosmopolitanism, respect, solidarity & diversity. We as mountain railways live from the tolerance as the basis of living together and coming together. We live from the fact that people, regardless of skin color and sexual identity, can meet each other freely and confidently.


For this attitude we want to be a "means of transport" and we have provided our gondolas with the rainbow colors - as a token of our support for the Pride movement and in the hope that you and all our guests see it the same way. So that the world goes "uphill".


Your team of the Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn