• 04.08.2023

The Airlettes

Big Streubödenalm concert on August 04, 2023

THE AIRLETTES - The swing band with a special flair - Swing, Jazz 'n' Close Harmony

+++Due to bad weather the concert will take place in the Streuböden Alm, therefore no picnic baskets can be reserved for this date!+++

Would you like a musical Dreamliner? Then please board, buckle up, take off and be entertained! Your flight attendants: three lovely ladies with charm, humor and that certain swing in their voices. They call themselves The Airlettes and live their dream of flying in their very own way. It is the musical flights of fancy on which they take their audience. "Close harmony" is their favored and perfected style, the swing era their preferred time of travel. With exuberant temperament and glowing curiosity in their luggage, they let themselves drift from destination to time, from style to genre, from jazz to rockabilly or simply from old to new and back again. The promise: Everything somehow familiar and yet outrageous!


  • Cable car Streuböden in operation continuously until 22:30
  • 19:30 Start live music at the Streuböden Arena
  • Timoks Alpine Coaster open from 18:00 until dusk. During this time 1 ride per person on the fast-paced two-seater is FREE.
  • For the ascent with the cable car Streuböden the regular tariffs apply, the concerts on the mountain are free of charge
  • In case of bad weather the concert will take place in the S4 Alm