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Bike Area Fieberbrunn

Bike Park in Fieberbrunn

Bike Area Fieberbrunn

Easy Park Obingleitn
Schweinestberg Trails I + II

Two trails, three lines and a pump track. These are the features awaiting bikers in Fieberbrunn. Kids, newcomers and "pleasure trailers" alike will get their money's worth between the mid- and valley station of the F1 Streuböden gondola. Endurist riders now have even more route options to combine the most beautiful ups and downs in the Greater Region!


For those who have never been to a bike park before, or want to hone their technique, the Easy Park Obingleitn at the Streuböden valley station is the perfect place! On the two lines, you can perfect your bike control, and balance on 20 to 25 hairpin bends peppered with wooden elements. The converted t-bar lift and the Uphill-Flow Line takes you up.


The pump track offers endless fun. Ride in, pick up speed, "pump" over the waves and test the banking in the curves. For the smallest bikers, the greatest, for the pros, a welcome opportunity to warm up or work out.


The Schweinestberg trail I (4 km/easy) from the mid-station leads over a wooded mountain ridge back to the Streuböden valley station and offers plenty of enjoyment, fun and flow. After a short roll-in section, the trail branches off into the forest. North Shores, undulating passages, plenty of curves and wide lines will put a big grin on bikers' faces!


Opening Schweinestberg Trail II on 09.09.2023

After two months of construction, the Schweinestberg Trail II will open its doors on Saturday, September 9, 2023! Technically somewhat more demanding than its big brother, the Schweinestberg Trail I, it offers an exciting challenge in medium-difficulty terrain (1 kilometer in length / red / S2). Your biking adventure also begins at the Streuböden middle station behind the reservoir. The line winds its way to the half of the Schweinestberg and then merges seamlessly into the Schweinestberg Trail I again.