• Events in Fieberbrunn
  • 30.08.2019

2. Science Hike by Museum Goes Wild

Dr. Maria Schaffhauser & Peter Morass
The Tyrolean Provincial Museums and the lift company Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn introduce you to the wonders of nature.
Also this summer, Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn organize the Science Walks in cooperation with the Tyrolean Provincial Museums. A short-wave experience for the whole family, revealing many hidden talents, exciting stories and bizarre peculiarities of nature.
Rocks are a chronicle of the past of our earth, which preserve traces of extinct animals and plants. Geological events and processes that took place on Earth millions of years ago often continue today, characterize the shape of our Alpine habitat. Although, rocks are often static, barren and inhospitable, they provide a dynamic habitat for specialists from several groups of organisms. Using a variety of strategies, they can survive at these extreme locations and even initiate the development of a livelier rocky desert into closed vegetation. On the basis of some geological features and floristic gems between Lärchfilzkogel and Wildalm, these processes will be discussed.